Our Nanny Options & Fees

Temporary Nanny fees

Experience Hourly Rate
Senior Early Years Educator (L4 and above) £21
Early Years Educator (L3) £19
Early Years Educator (L2) £18
Nanny £17




What about our Permanent Placements?

If you would like to retain the services of your nanny directly and manage payroll in-house, there will be a permanent placement fee equal to 20% of the total annual remuneration of the nanny, payable upon contract completion.

Download more info about our fees here.

Nanny + Nursery Services

Save up to 30% of your nanny fees!

Get the best of our childcare options: English-Mandarin tuition at our nursery & one-to-one care at home. We have flexible options that adapt to your needs. Send an enquiry letting us know how many days would you like of each type of childcare and we'll get back to you with all the info!