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Looking for temporary childcare?

Our options for temporary childcare in central London


Ad Hoc Sessions

We understand that finding last-minute arrangements for childcare can be taxing. If your nanny has called in sick or you need time to get some of your admin done, we offer ad hoc sessions in our nursery. 

You can place your child in our nurseries in City or Westminster for Half Day at £75 or Full Day at £150. Please notice that availability depends on the current occupancy of your preferred nursery. Ad Hoc sessions can't be booked in blocks. If you would like to book in block, have a look at our holiday camp option.


Holiday Camps

If your nursery is closed during holidays or you're staying in London for a few weeks, our Holiday Camps can provide your child with short term programmes in our bilingual nurseries.

Our Holiday Camps are booked per week and are designed children from 3 to 5 years, who will receive the same fun and educational activities we always provide. Our current fee is £500 per week.


Welcome to the Hatching Dragons Family

At Hatching Dragons, we want our children to grow independent, curious and engaged with a global community and we encourage this through two of the most important languages in the world, English and Mandarin, in a caring, safe and engaging environment. At the moment, these are the nurseries that offer temporary childcare in central London.

Nursery in the Barbican
Nursery in Westminster
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